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Welcome to izmir davetiye

We do invitations, Wedding Favors and Henna Materials and deliver inside Turkey and all over Europe. By chosing your product you can do it all very quickly in the internet. 
If you like you can come as well in our office to place to order personally with us.

To make your order online, please read the following steps carefully:

After you choose your invitation 
1. Please let us know the product code and the quantity
2. Name and Surname of Bride & Groom
3. the desired font
4. Name of Bride's & Groom's Mother & Father, (or the family surnames - as it should be written on the invitation )
5. Date and Time of the Wedding / Engagement Party / Henna Night
6. address where the Wedding / Engagement Party / Henna Night will take place
Please send all the requested information above to the following address: isbas@hotmail.com

After we received your information we are working as follow:
1. We are designing your invitation according to your given information
2. We are preparing 1 sample online
3. We are sending this sample to you and waiting your ok
4. Or if there are any requested quanges we will do them
5. Again we will send the sample to your email for check and approval
6. After your approval you should arrange the payment according the bank details which you will find on our homepage
7. We will prepare the invitations to printing
8. We start printing your invitation and will pack & send it to you with the from you agreed shipping cargo
Please note: After your approvalö there will not be accepted any changes in address, date, names, spelling mistakes or any other changes!
So please check the sample carefully before approval
If there is anything doubtful while you check it, please let us know, we are glad to change it again for you
In Turkey and as well for abroad we do have competent shipping partners where you can benefit of very good prives
With us you can do everything online from choosing the invitation trough printing approval until payment & shipping arrangement
our contact details for orders & questions:  isbas@hotmail.com  /  0232 441 72 33